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    Angus & Agnes by Ian Jackson. COMING SOON

    William Wiggleworm Can't Sit Still by Ian Jackson. COMING SOON

    William Wiggleworm, like so many of us, has trouble sitting still. He wiggles at home. He wiggles in bed - the flower bed that is. He wiggles at school. What is his teacher to do when William distracts all of his classmates with his shenanigans?

    Gabriella Glowworm Is Not Afraid of the Dark by Ian Jackson. COMING SOON

    Gabriella Glowworm, like so many of us, is a little afraid of the dark. She talks--a lot--to keep her courage up. She carries a tiny lamp to push back the shadows. But in the end she finds out that after the nighttime there is always a sunrise.

    Ridgecrest by Ian Jackson. COMING SOON

    A collection of short stories, Ridgecrest revolves around East Bay, Maryland, a backwater harbor town on the Sassafras River estuary of the Chesapeake Bay. The quiet lives of the people of this quaint community are full of unexpected twists and turns that reveal the hidden heart of the author.

    River Roads by Ian Jackson. COMING SOON

    A selection of selected poems, River Roads chronicles the poetic life of the author as he moved from the Cumberland to the Androscoggin to the Tweed to the Sassafras. Along the way he traveled from innocence to regret, from regret to mourning , from mourning to hope.


    Compass Grove—where adventures begin and dreams grow, is a creative production company based in the Asheville, NC area. In 1990 VJ Williams, a singer and songwriter, and Patrick Williams, an author and poet, met for the first time.  Their instant friendship grew into a lasting collaboration, conceptualizing their creativity in songs, stories, poems, and plays. In 2016 the two friends began Compass Grove to bring to fruition their years of hard work and passionate dreaming. Compass Grove—Inspiration. Community. Growth.



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